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One of the most enduring features of any home is a beautiful wooden floor which can vary from plank to parquet.  A genuine wooden floor provides a natural floor surface, taken from nature which will invariably improve and mature with age.   However a wooden floor does need to be maintained, irrespective of whether it's one of the hardwoods, i.e., Oak, Maple, Wenge, Mahogany, Walnut, etc., or softwoods, i.e. Pine boards, Douglas fir, etc.

There is a vast range of wooden floor types from which to choose in terms of both design and wood species. Also there is a choice between solid wood or an engineered solution. Each home/room will be assessed and the appropriate type of wooden flooring selected based on a number of factors, i.e. sub-floor construction, existing or proposed finished floor levels etc. The design of wooden floors varies from solid boards to the geometric patterns of parquet panels or bespoke herringbone and chevron patterns. A great variety of floors have been installed in Irish homes over the last 30 years, and more.

The virtue of wooden floors are very clear as they provide a natural beauty and are more hygienic due to the ease at which they can be cleaned and the dust is readily visible. There is no need to protect the wooden flooring with carpet or rugs because if installed and finished correctly the wood will endure and remain protected by the lacquer applied initially. A wooden floor is easy to keep clean simply by sweeping and a damp mop.
Hardwood floors are incredibly durable and valuable in all kinds of settings such as domestic, retail, commercial, leisure & entertainment. There is a wide variety of natural or coloured stains or waxes that can be applied prior to final lacquers that can quickly change the appearance to suit your decor and/or colour preference.

Perhaps the prime quality of hardwood floors lies in the durability of the natural product. When properly looked after, a hardwood floor can last for hundreds of years as can be seen in many a museum, church, school, etc. around the country. It really is a worthwhile investment for every property. Estate agency statistics show that the presence of real wooden floors tends to command a premium over carpets or laminate floor finishes.

A wooden floor will be subject to everyday wear and tear, withstanding grit and dirt which we bring in on our shoes no matter how fastidious we are with wiping our feet on the mat. Over time, scratches and scuffs will lead to a grey and dull appearance as the protective lacquer will be gradually worn down. Water spills and the moving of heavy furniture can also take their toll.  Left untreated, minor marks can lead to more serious damage. Regular preventative maintenance will reduce the amount of wear and tear.

However for those floors that have not been regularly maintained the solution is restoration by floor sanding and re-sealing. This is a job for our professional floor sanding operatives. Please give us a call or send an email for a free quotation.

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