Reclaimed Oak Flooring is A Must Have Look This Year


If replacing your carpet with hardwood floors has always been on the top of your remodeling wish list, but your conscience and what you see on the internet and TV of deforestation won't allow you – the time is now. How will your conscience ever be at peace walking on your new oak flooring, but you know right in your mind that you are responsible for global warming? Don’t beat up yourself; the solution is Reclaimed Oak floors.

What are Reclaimed Oak Floorboards?

You are one of a growing number of people seriously concerned about the state of the environment and how it has been affected by the loss of so much of our forests. This is why at Woodrow we have recyclers that are scouring the countryside, searching for old barns, log cabins, and houses that were built a long time ago or wooden-hulled ships to make sure we don’t make you feel bad about global warming.

So, when there is any building or structure that has been declared unsafe for inhabitation, or it passes its use by date it is demolished or pulled down. However, you might think the timber used for this home would be unusable, but many of these building tend to have one of the finest aged timber sample known to man. This timber is old, but they have unique characteristics that make them the best match for flooring and adding elegance and sophistication that cant is found anywhere else in your home. At Woodrow, we extract the reclaimed timbers and then reprocessed them into oak floorboards. We also kiln-dried the timber to make sure there is no moisture or insects left in the wood. Take a look at some of our beautiful reclaimed wood flooring products pictures below.



There are many reasons as to why this process is now sought after and not only because it is environmental consciousness. Another reason is that most of this wood came out of old growth forests, it is superior in quality and appearance. This means that you tend to have denser and harder flooring than those made with growth wood. This means that your flooring is less vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity. Another thing that puts this process over the top is that freshly milled lumber simply cannot rival it in beauty and character.

Why Would You Use Reclaimed Oak Floorboards?

Are you still wondering why you should choose us at Woodrow for your cladding and wood flooring requirements? The answer is simple. We handpick all of the products you find on our website to make sure that your flooring is of the highest standards. We have a full collection of the finest reclaimed wooden floorboards, so whatever you might be looking for, we are confident that our products will accommodate.

•    They are environmentally friendly

•    Every piece is unique

•    They are cost effective


•    Preserving a piece of our heritage