Oak Flooring - Adding Elegance to Your Home

Since the early 1800's Oak flooring has been a leader among household floors and many people have chosen the oak floor to be displayed in their homes. You might be asking yourself, questions like "why oak flooring has become so popular?" and there are many reasons to why is in such large demand all over the world.

The enhanced beauty that oak flooring brings to your home and spaces is one of the main reasons why oak flooring is so popular. Oak is above the standard in the beauty that most timbers can achieve especially when it comes to wood flooring. Oak flooring comes with many benefits as well, and one of them is the fact that you can customize the look and feel of your oak floor by using stains and a variety of textures that you desire.

The durability that oak flooring offers is yet another reason why these floors are so popular. Oakwood can last for a lifetime especially if they are properly maintained because they are very durable. Apart from the fact this wood is durable; they are also easy to work with. Another reason why oak flooring is popular is the pricing, and this can mean that oak floors can often be a little cheaper than other types of wood that are used for flooring. Also, there are many styles and types of oak floors to choose from, ranging from solid oak, engineered oak or prefinished oak. These styles will make your home look fabulous.

IF you are also wondering if oak floors are environmentally friendly, the answer is yes. The reason for this is that the wood used for the floors can be taken from trees which are grown and harvested so the trees can be depleted and replenished. There isn't any substitute for the real thing. No matter which room contains these natural wood floors, the effect is equally stunning. Oak floors last for hundreds of years, and they aren't just attractive but also quite practical. Today's oak floors can also be purchased pre-finished and oiled, making them even easier to clean.

If you have spent some time in an upscale hotel, you will understand that oak floors add to the luxurious atmosphere wherever it's been used at in the hotel; be it in a hotel lobby or the dining room. And unlike carpeting oak flooring can be used in any space, both home, office, or wherever allergens must be kept to a minimum. By contrast, oak floors can easily be cleaned, and any pet hair or other allergens can be easily controlled.